2 weeks ago I went to Kvarnen, Södermalm in Stockholm. I promised the restaurant chief I was going to write about this.

When it was time to open the dance floow I was so shocked that she went round and was “stamping” people who are eligible to the dance floor on their wrist.

This is a restaurant/club I visited every thursday and friday about 10 years ago and I am sure at that time, this so called restaurant chief was either underage or not on existence at Kvarnen.

True I am no longer a regular but I simply told her to her face that stamping people to be eligible for dance floor is pure discrimination. How can she know who is regular or not? What has regular to do with eligibility to the dance floor?

If you have too many people for the small space in the dance hall, then make it bigger by doing a reconstruction. Alternatively let people in on first come, first serve basis.

Nazi ideas will never depart from Sweden. This is why the SD party has been on the rise despite their hatred for women and foreigners.

I am sure that Kvarnen’s policy of stamping people for dance floor is inspired by Nazi concentration camp policy.

By writing about this, I have kept my promise to the woman who was called “restaurant chef” at Kvarnen.


Gone For Too Long

written by prince0772@gmail.com

I can’t believe I have gone for so long. It’s been 3 years since I wrote on thi blog. O my my…

I hope I will be able to write a few updates every now and then.








By Prince0772

Mr. Obama will end the war in Afghanistan by sending 30 000 more troops. I wish American goodluck in her latest adventure. Mr. Obama has already rejected a comparison to the Vietnam war. I’m so pained that we got to this stage. Surely there are other ways. War is definitely not one of it.

Meanwhile back home the same america is looking for funds and opportunities to solve the unemployment problems. 10.2% of Americans are unemployed. The actual figure is close to 15m people. That is almost as twice as the population of Sweden. America is experiencing an unemployment rate that is the highest in 26 years.

Mr. Obama is meeting with business leaders and trying to find a way to reduce the unemployment figures. I am not a businessman but one thing I know for sure is that charity begins at home. Millions of dollars spent daily on Bush-now Obama war is obviously having its toll on the American economy, at least partly.

Unemployment is the opportunity cost for 15 million americans.

Well what can I say. Over to the economists. They can confuse us more with their bogus terminologies-micro and macro economics.

By Prince0772

I decided to use this headline for this blog entry because it is so funny that some people searched the internet for such information.

Is there anywhere on planet earth that id devoid of a certain class of people or a particular race? Show me that place please.

Yes there are black or coloured people in Sweden, for those of you who are so primitive as to be looking for this typs of information.

We live here summer and winter, autumn and spring. We call this place our new home even though “they” think that we are second class citizens. We work hard and pay our taxes. We do the same work as the first class citizens and in some cases we do better job than they do.

We drive the finest cars because we work hard and not because we steal or do drugs. We don’t do drugs. We don’t do terrorism.

We are blacks and we believe in dignity of labour. Yes, there are blacks in Sweden with their heads raised high above their shoulders.

Yes there are blacks in Sweden who are keeping it real..!

By Prince

Jimmy Carter spoke my mind.

During the summer a couple that I know visited the US. When they came back I asked about their trip. What was most remarkable was their understanding of how the Republicans are frustrating Obama’s Health Reform Plans.

Basically it is an open secret in America that Obama will not be allowed to rule for 8 years. Frustrating his health reform agenda and other programs are the major tactics.

The other deducible outcome is that antagonism to Obama is founded on racial ground rather than ideology.

So here we are in the so called “most democratic nation” having racism and “dirty politics” standing in the way of possible reforms by the Obama administration.

My friend told me that for the first time in his life, he hated democracy. In fact he concluded that American democracy is bullshit and it cannot be the best form of government.

I don’t blame my friend and his reaction. There are reasons why people like Gadhafi and other dictators won’t allow democracy. One of the reasons is the dirty american democracy.

Is it any surprise that the undemocratic governments of the world are usually American trading partners and allies? The world needs to wait, and think twice.

Jimmy Carter already did. He spoke the truth and I’m glad I waited this long to do this blog.

When Obama’s white house comes out to say Carter is wrong, that is another ugly face of american politics, useless angle of democracy if I must follow my friend.

Obama must be seen to rise above racial issues, so it is a convenient option to say that Carter was wrong. But reality on ground shows that Carter is right and the White House is silly.

But it is understandable because if you want to serve 8 years rather than concentrate on the first 4, you wouldn’t mind how much of self-respect you threw to the wind. You wouldn’t care how many times people hit you and run. Usually the second term reveals the true nature of the American president.

Obama is playing by the golden rules which he may invariably distance himself from when he wins or if he wins a second term. Now is not the time for an all out fight or acceptance of racism in the Republicans attitude.

In a way, it is unbelievable that Americans can allow this type of nonsense. I mean they voted for Obama, while don’t they insist on implementing his policies. After 4 or 8 years they have a chance to reverse the policies if they are not working fine.

To sacrifice the possible benefits of Obama’s plans on fears and doubts instigated by racist Republicans and Far Rights is highly unbecoming of a country that prides itself as the center of the universe and the citadel of democracy.

Thank you Jimmy Carter for speaking the truth. You’re the last honourable man standing.

By Prince

Myanmar is telling us to go to hell and we did. We all went to hell!

Seriously this is one time I wish the world will speak with one voice and act accordingly. Sometime I wish I have superpowers that can make me the hero that I want to be.

In that case, I would have invaded Burma or Myanmar, do away with the dictators and free Aung Sang.

I will not force democracy on Myanmar but I will never allow anyone in the world to do harm to an innocent woman.

AUNG SANG SUU KYI is spending 2 decades in jail and the world is watching. Shame on that world..! Shame on Barack Obama, Shame on Gordon Brown, Shame on all democratic nations in the world. Shame on all the stupid nuclear powers.

We should fight injustice and crime against women. We must do anything and whatever it takes to take on this evil regime and help Aung Sang to live her life again. To hell with those military juntas!

Rise Myanmar, rise up you people and take up this evil headlong once and for all. If everyone dies in the struggle, then the junta can have the country to itself. It’s as simple as that in struggles. Face it and defeat it, the world is behind you..

Obama, Gordon, you guys gat to do something about this one..!

By Prince

Madam, welcome to Africa. I hope you have seen the results of imperialism in Africa. It is complete doom. The fact is the problems in Africa are man-made, mainly African made. But what is it with the foreign influence that will not give Africa a peace of mind?

Sudan, Somalia, Rwanda, Nigeria, Kenya, Zimbabwe and all the others. There are wars and conflicts all over. Where are the weapons coming from? US? Britain? China? Well ma, you know the answers.

Madam, please do less preaching about democracy in Africa.

In the United States, democracy is killing the people and the effects are felt worldwide. Recession is the result of american democracy.

Now MR. Obama is trying a few things and the Republicans are frustrating him. Is that what democracy is all about? Frustrate your enemy and make the people suffer.

Ma, please tour africa and confuse us the more. But when you get home, take a message to America and American Politicians= Democracy (demonstration of craziness) should not be about party politics but about the goodness of the people and the prosperity of all.

Thank you and have a good stay on the african continent.